Leviton Network Solutions delivers complete network infrastructure systems for enterprise, data center, government, education, health care and residential markets around the globe. Solutions include copper and fiber optic connectivity, power distribution units, and much more. All Leviton products are engineered to exacting standards, offer industry-leading performance and are backed by the industry's best service and support.

Key Solutions

  • Atlas Premiere Cabling System, CAT 5e-8
  • In-ceiling Cabling System for Plenum
  • Opt-X® Unity 40/100G Fiber System
  • Opt-X and Opt-X HD Fiber Enclosures
  • Secure RJ Copper System & Secure Keyed LC System
  • e2XHD High Density Hybrid Copper/Fiber System
  • Make-to-Order components and systems built to customer specifications


IT/AV System

HDBaseT™ Over Category Cabling Infrastructure

The increasing convergence of AV and data networks has positioned low-voltage, BICSI RCDD contractors as the next generation of AV integrators. Leviton’s new IT/AV systems help these contractors be the AV experts for their customers and use an easy-to-install solution that requires little-to-no training. An IT/AV System combines Leviton HDBaseT™ HDMI® Extenders, Atlas-X1 Cat 6A connectivity and approved Cat 6A cable for a complete end-to-end solution. The Cat 6A infrastructure link can be installed, tested, and verified like any other Cat 6A 10GBASE-T link. This system is also certified to HDBaseT Alliance standards. HDBaseT certification offers important benefits:

  • Compatibility with other manufacturer’s equipment supporting the same HDBaseT features
  • System longevity capable of supporting future HD video signal performance requirements
  • Installation and testing using the same tools used for datacom infrastructure
  • Peace of mind that comes from third-party verification and certification of AV signal transmission performance
  • Limited lifetime warranty when a certified IT/AV system is installed by a Leviton certified contractor
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Atlas X-1 Premium Cabling System

Atlas-X1 delivers the highest level of verified performance and reliability, and is easily scalable for migrations up to 40GBASE-T. The system offers simple tool-free terminations, and uses the same termination method from Cat 5e to Cat 8. Innovative Atlas-X1 connectors feature interchangeable icons and internal shutters for protection. Versatile Atlas-X1 systems have been tested and approved as a plenum-rated in-ceiling solution, and the Cat 6A system can deliver up to 100-watt Power over Ethernet.

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Opt-X Unity 40/100G Fiber System

Update your data center to meet new high-speed applications with the Leviton Opt-X® Unity 40/100G Fiber System — a single, simple connectivity solution that makes it easy to migrate to 40/100G speeds. The system components are available in laser-optimized multimode (OM3/OM4), and feature industry-leading 24-fiber MTP® connectors.

  • Industry-leading 24-fiber MTP system
  • Trunks, harnesses, modules, and array cords use best-in-class MTP multi-fiber connectors
  • Available in laser optimized multimode (OM3/OM4)
  • Third party verification of 40/100G channel performance
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HDX Fiber Platform

HDX for High-Density Enterprise & Data Center Applications

The Leviton HDX Series of LC, SC and MTP® cassettes and adapter plates helps data centers and telecommunications rooms that are rapidly outgrowing their footprints as they attempt to meet increasing network demands. Designed to maximize density in the given space, the HDX platform is compatible with multiple enclosures and distribution frames to patch up to 144 fibers per RU in Opt-X UHDX enclosures, or 3,168 fiber on one data center tile with the HDX Fiber Distribution Frame. Ideal for service providers, central office facilities, large enterprise and cloud data centers, this system will reduce your patching footprint, free up valuable space, and save you money.

Integrated trunk cable and patch cord management throughout Leviton enclosures, panels, and frame improves accessibility and enables easy moves, adds, and changes.

  • Leviton Opt-X UHDX enclosures offer optimum patching capacity in areas where space is at a premium. These enclosures allow up to 144 fibers with LC connectors, or 1,728 fibers with 24-fiber MTP® connectors—the highest density per rack unit available.
  • The Leviton HDX Distribution System can handle up to 3,168 LC terminated fibers in just one tile of floor space. The HDX Frame is a main cross-connect or interconnect patching frame for all fiber channels in the data center. By reducing floor space requirements, the HDX Fiber Distribution System creates significant yearly cost savings over a traditional MDA.
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HDX Fiber Distribution Frame

The HDX Fiber Distribution Frame is a main cross-connect or interconnect patching frame for all fiber channels in the data center. One frame consolidates patching into an incredibly small footprint, with capacity for more than 3,168 LC fibers, or 15,552 fibers using 24-fiber MTP® connections.

The system accomplishes such high density through its unique patch deck design. One frame holds 22 decks, each configured with fiber cassettes, adapter plates, or splice trays. And since it occupies only one data center floor tile, it easier than ever to access space beneath a raised floor.

By reducing overall floor space requirements, the HDX Fiber Distribution system creates significant yearly cost savings over a traditional MDA. You can use Leviton’s helpful ROii CalculatorROii Calculator to estimate your long-term savings over standard 19" cabinets or racks.

Since HDX frames can be ganged together and patch cords can route to adjacent frames, the HDX Fiber Distribution system easily handles future data center growth. And by supporting 24-fiber MTP connectivity, the system also offers an ideal migration path to 40G and 100G fiber networks — and beyond.

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In-Ceiling Plenum Cabling Solution

Leviton offers a complete plenum-rated in-ceiling system which includes patch cords, cable, Atlas-X1™ Connectors, QuickPort® Surface Mount Boxes, and mounting brackets. These solutions have been tested and approved to meet requirements for flammability and smoke density in air-handling spaces, and are perfect for use with Wireless Access Point and Surveillance Camera installations.

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