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Berk-Tek has been a leading manufacturer of more than 100 different network copper and fiber optic cable products. The company has led in the development of high-performance and enhanced fiber optic and UTP cables designed to transport high-speed data and voice transmissions.

Key Solutions

  • Copper Cabling for LANs
  • Fiber Optic LAN Cable
  • OneReach PoE Extender System
  • Own the Link warrantied end-to-end fiber link



Your Time is Money

contractor photo2With 1,500 feet of cable in each box, versus standard 1,000 ft boxes, smartPAK delivers the convenience and ease of use of a traditional pull-box with the additional benefits of 50% more cable. A 1,500 ft box virtually eliminates cable scrap when installing standards compliant 90 meter horizontal cable runs or even “typical“ 45 meter runs.

Make installs faster and easier with Teklok and Smartpak.
It may seem like a small thing, but to a veteran installer, it’s important: Berk-Tek’s innovative and unique packaging designs have revolutionized cable installation

TekLok benefits at a glance:

  • Standard feature on all Tek Pak pull boxes
  • Available on 1,000 ft. boxes only
  • Create more stable pulling stacks quickly and easily
  • Easy to assemble interlocking tabs; no special tools required
  • Quicker installation allows for reduced project costs
  • Unique, environmentally-friendly design offers less packaging waste

Lanmark-6 can mean more profit for you.
When the budget is tight, and network performance is still demanding, count on the verified and guaranteed performance of LANmark-6, and the installation efficiency and cost-savings of smartPAK. Then watch the savings go right to your bottom line.

Lanmark-6 benefits at a glance:

  • No center spline means fewer steps, less jobsite debris and faster installation
  • Minimized star (*) passes, thanks to 2 dB of margin on NEXT, PSNEXT, ACR and PSACR.
  • Small diameter cables mean better fill ratios in conduit or tray and allow for easyaccess at patch panels

smartpak image

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OneReach PoE Extender System

Connect and power your network devices up to 2.5KM away!

  • Provides power and data connections for remote devices such as security cameras, access control devices and wireless access points with options to support single and multi-port applications
  • Enables PoE/PoE+/HPoE equipment to be located more than 100m from the switch
  • Simplifies network and device management through centralized IT infrastructure
  • Extends remote application options and performance with Gigabit Ethernet capability

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The traditional method of protecting your optical fiber cable usually means installing innerduct or expensive conduit and then pulling your cable.

Not any more. The Solution: Armor-Tek

With a rugged, armored design delivering 10 to 13 times the crush resistance of standard fiber optic cable, Armor-Tek interlocked armor fiber cables are ideal for campus & building backbones, data centers and industrial applications.There is also a more practical use for these well engineered fiber cables.

A cost-effective alternative to conduit or plenum innerduct.

Armor-Tek fiber cables can be installed instead of traditional fiber cables in plenum innerduct or conduit. This provides the installer with a user-friendly, one-pull solution to an expensive and labor-intensive installation process. By installing Armor-Tek fiber cables instead of plenum innerduct or conduit, savings can run from 25-50% in materials, and reduce costly installation time and labor costs as much as 60%—a significant advantage over traditional installation methods. Plus, Armor-Tek fiber cables are not governed by fill ratios because they are UL listed as cable assemblies, allowing a higher concentration of cables in an area compared to conduit. And because they can be outdoor/indoor rated, and are extremely durable, Armor-Tek is an excellent choice for campus environments, too.

Armor-Tek makes the inevitable changes easier.

Armor-Tek fiber cables can also provide outstanding flexibility for modifications, alterations and changes, (MACs) as well as relocations, pathway changes or design modifications after the cable has been pulled, something conduit cannot easily accommodate.

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TEK Center

tekcenter spread2Berk-Tek’s Tek Center is a world-class research and development facility, staffed with experienced engineers whose focus it to develop new and innovative structured cabling solutions. In addition, the TEK center functions as a showcase for emerging applications and a test environment for unique network issues.

At Berk-Tek, our first priority is to help our customers maximize their success. We know that selecting the right network infrastructure is a critically important decision. And in this fast-changing industry, making the right decision now can pay big dividends later. That’s why the TEK Center also functions as a showcase for emerging applications and unique network issues. Here, you can evaluate options firsthand and work with Berk-Tek engineers to spec a cost-effective system that will pay big dividends for years to come.

Data Centers: In the data center showcase, our TEK Center specialists can address your design challenges and recommend flexible, high-density solutions. You’ll have the opportunity to touch, feel and experience different infrastructures and topologies. We can customize the display to help you determine which option best fits your needs. You’ll also be able to see different migration paths and how to get the greatest density for your dollar.

Enterprise: The enterprise showcase includes examples of various environments including indoor, outdoor, security, office, campus and more. The demonstrations use Berk-Tek solutions in real-world applications to demonstrate where maximum performance for voice, data and power make a big difference in network performance. You’ll be able to hear the difference in quality using VoIP and see the difference in video applications when utilizing different grades of cabling. And of course, we can customize the display to help you determine which option best fits your needs.


Everything IP

IP convergence is among us. Every day, more and more devices are being connected to and powered by the network. In the enterprise environment especially, organizations are seeing the benefits of converging once-disparate building systems onto their IP networks to fully leverage the efficiency and cost savings benefits of Everything IP.

The Emergence of the uLAN

When we think of the core Local Area Network (LAN), we think of devices that have traditionally been Ethernet-enabled – desktop computers, Voice-over-IP (VoIP) phones and wireless access points. But with increasing system convergence, we are now seeing the emergence of a Utility LAN (uLAN). Like the traditional LAN, the uLAN is an interconnected set of devices that share data within the enterprise. But the uLAN is comprised of non-traditional Ethernet-enabled devices – lighting, HVAC, security, and AV systems – that are now being connected and powered by the IP network.

ulan system convergence


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